The company


flexible, dynamic, reliable

The strength of 50years of experience, the typical Made inItaly quality, the versatility of acompany always abreast of the development of technology and themarket. Dainese is a company specialized in the production oflaminated wood panels. The entire production process is carried outdirectly in our factory: from drying the timber, to carefully cuttingit using computer-assisted equipment, to manually checking eachindividual piece. All of this in a working environment that isrewarding for our people and respectful of the natural environment,following strong ethical and sustainability principles.

a sustainable quality

Dainese qualitystarts from the selection of timber, chosen from managed regrowthforests to protect our precious natural heritage. Following soundprinciples of ecology and well-being, Dainese uses only non-toxicglues.Our range ofproducts covers all requirements, including standard panels, bespokepanels, and furniture components in pine, fir, and three-layer fir.With fast production times and a long experience in the market,Dainese is a safe reference point for all commercial wood and DIYoperators.